In the modern Sydney marketplace, real estate is a costly commodity. As homes and buildings serve as investments for more and more people and consortiums, it has become increasingly important to protect that investment, as well as the human capital that resides within the building.

At AQUAPOL, we understand the danger of rising damp. Creeping steadily through and up the masonry buildings all over the world, it damages historical homes, can cause serious illnesses, and reduces property values. But solving this issue has always been a difficult prospect, as many prior coping methods for damp proofing in Sydney have been either invasive or highly toxic – neither desirable for modern building, or human resources, management.

That is why Wilhelm Mohorn, an award-winning Austrian engineer, invented a solution to the problem, one which takes in to account the damp proofing needs of homeowners here in Sydney and around the world. AQUAPOL is a non-toxic, non-invasive method of preventing rising damp from taking hold in a home.


The AQUAPOL method makes use of water’s inherent polarity. By reversing its magnetic charge, the AQUAPOL system allows the masonry of the home to begin to reject the water that is creeping up the walls. This revolutionary and completely non-toxic damp proofing system is relatively new to Sydney, but has been installed in over 50,000 homes worldwide. This unique method has been shown to reduce dampness problems in walls all over for over two decades, without the application of chemicals or invasive construction works.

By reducing the level of humidity inside of the home, you are able to return a habitable atmosphere in to the area. The health of the walls and masonry, the investment, and most importantly, the health of the inhabitants, can be assured.

To prevent the scourge of rising damp from impacting upon your home, turn to the experts at Aquapol. We are Sydney’s damp proofing experts, and we get results. Contact us today!