The Earth has an inexhaustible source of energy with its magnetic field.

This natural energy of the earth is captured by the AQUAPOL device, through a receiving antenna contained within.

The AQUAPOL device is completely environmentally friendly, uses no electricity and does not produce electromagnetic fields.

Internally the Aquapol device is a smart system of receiving and transmitting antennas.



1. RECEIVING UNIT: situated at the bottom of the device, will capture certain wavelength from Earth’s natural energy field, in a conic shape. This unit is basically a filtering system which by design will only let through those specific wavelengths which can influence the water’s migration inside the wall capillaries, and will filter out everything else. More about this in the next section.

2. POLARISATION UNIT: is an amplifier, will amplify (polarize) the useful waves.

3. TRANSMISSION UNIT: will finally project the useful waves onto the surrounding walls, resulting in the cancellation of the capillary forces inside the walls and the dehydration of the masonry within the active range of the device.

Similar to a low power crystal radio,[1] the Aquapol device does not use any conventional electricity for its operation; it will power itself from the energy waves captured through its antenna system.

The devices come in various sizes; their radius of action covers all walls within a range of 50 to 400 m2.